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Hello, thanks for checking out our website! We hope you’ll consider J. Stark Video Productions for all your wedding or special event videography needs...

J. Stark Video Productions has captured special moments and prepared professional, quality videos for lovely individuals and couples since 2011. JSV is a family owned and operated video production provider, and we take a great deal of pride in our video products. Jordan Stark, Lead Video Specialist, has many years experience with film, editing, designing and a degree in animation/film production. Jordan, along with his wife Sarah and video assistants, have a special touch with film that ensure all the details from your wedding or event come back to life and make your memories last forever.

Why Have A Video?

People often think, “Do I really want to invest in a video for my wedding or event? Won’t pictures be enough?” Allow us to tell you that every single couple/customer we have spoken with that didn’t get their wedding or special event filmed has regretted it... while every couple/customer who did choose to invest in a professional video, expresses extreme gratitude and relief with their choice. Too often have we heard... “the pictures didn’t turn out right, I wish we could see ourselves saying our vows again, or I wish I could see myself dancing with my dad again, hearing the sounds and joy from our special occasion...” and the phrases go on and on. We don’t want that to happen to you!

Now, we know and understand life these days is costly... especially when planning a big wedding, retirement party, milestone anniversary, etc.  That’s why we guarantee no one offers lowers rates for a professionally composed and edited video than us.  If you want a video, we can make it happen!

We appreciate any consideration, and we’d be more than elated to meet you, have a consultation and give you a free estimate for our services! Thanks again, and God bless!

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